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Business Process Improvement with Alesco

By / April 3, 2007 / / 0 Comments


Organisations face increasing demand to automate complex business processes that span multiple back office systems and can adapt to change. Historically deploying complex workflows was tough – developing interfaces, customising the application, and developing software to schedule and monitor the process. If the process changed, this required more effort…

Fortunately Oracle has solutions for integrating applications to manage complex processes.

Talent2’s Alesco HRIS provides an inbuilt workflow solution to cater for the common business transaction process flow. Customers often require tailored process solutions that suit their individual business requirements. The use of additional Workflow products allow customers to tailor the Workflow process without the need for customizations.

This white paper looks at the two major business process management tools from Oracle and how they can be used with Alesco’s Web Kiosk.