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Discoverer returning inconsistent data

By / August 5, 2009 / / 0 Comments

A customer recently emailed us saying that one of the Discoverer reports we had written was returning inconsistent data each time they ran the report.  This lead them to use the report less and was also picked up by their auditors when they were checking employee salaries.

On investigation, we found the report was showing inconsistent data due to the Discoverer Query Governor Option “Limit retrieved query data to” set to 10,000 rows.

Discoverer Option Panel

When the report was run, a warning appeared stating that “Not all rows have been retrieved. Data may be inaccurate”.

We asked the user to un-check this option for the workbook, and the problem was solved.  The report now returns the correct values consistently.

This story is a good example of how easy it is for the business to lose faith in reports due to a relatively minor issue – in this case a simple option setting in Discoverer.

Remember, if in doubt with any technical solution, just ask. It could be that a very simple tweak like this will have you up and running again.

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