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We’re off to the US for HR Tech!

By / August 31, 2009 / / 0 Comments

As a HR Technology enthusiast what better way to indulge then spend 3 days at a HR Tech Conference in Chicago?

Paulus and myself will be attending and I’m looking forward to attending the sessions and checking out the exhibitors.

In particular I look forward to the keynote presentation by Don Tapscott “Human Resources 2.0: How the New Web and the Net Generation Are Transforming Talent, Management” and “The Enterprise and the Talent Management shootout” which involves two large vendors, SAP and Lawson, and two small vendors, Salary.com and Plateau, demonstrating their features. I also look forward to roaming amongst the exhibitors to get a first hand look and demonstration of latest software offerings.

When we arrive home we’ll be bringing back all the latest ideas and best-practices in HR technology: We look forward to sharing these around Australia!

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