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Break the Speed Limitation at Mastering SAP HR/Payroll 2010

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It’s confirmed!

Peter Forbes, technical director of Australian HR tech experts, Navigo, will be presenting new solutions and methodologies for succession planning in his presentation:

Break the Speed Limitation – How to Drive Faster Succession Planning Through Visualisation.

at Mastering SAP HR/Payroll 2010.



Enterprise succession planning solutions call for detailed creation and maintenance of position competencies and skills, rendering highly comprehensive succession plans out of reach for many resource-strapped HR departments. In addition, plans with focus primarily on “boardroom bound” execs may miss opportunities to develop and motivate younger employees and mid-level managers. A method is needed that dramatically reduces the time and resource requirement associated with full-scale succession planning – We will show you how a new module attached to organisational charts can deliver this method.

  • Learn the must-haves for successful succession planning
  • Learn how visualisation directly reduces the burdens of succession planning
  • Learn strategies to create and maintain succession plans in fast-moving environments
  • Learn how analytics can deliver a more detailed, longer-term succession roadmap
  • See a practical approach to add succession planning to your SAP-HR implementation

Designed for HR managers and technologists alike, this session will explore new approaches to practical succession planning, then look at the functional methods and new technologies needed to achieve it in your organisation.


Join us at Mastering SAP HR/Payroll, 1–3 March 2010 at the Novotel, Manly NSW, just down the road from our new Sydney office.

Learn more about Mastering SAP HR/Payroll online at masteringsap.com/hr