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The Australian HR Tech Report

By / November 5, 2009 / / 0 Comments
  • Learn how your HR technology compares with the rest of Australia
  • Discover the penetration of different HR tech solutions and how well they meet HR goals
  • Find how motivators and roadblocks for HR technology are influencing your peers
  • Benchmark all this against organisations of like size, in your state
  • Free

The Australian HR Tech Report 2010.



With the interest of shedding more light on the state of HR technology in Australia, Navigo are proud to commission the Australian HR Tech Report 2010. What is it?

  • The latest, most comprehensive study on HR technology solutions in Australia
  • An analysis of Australian companies with 500 employees and above
  • A 5 minute phone survey to collect great HR intelligence
  • To be distributed freely to hundreds of HR professionals around Australia
  • Commencing 1st November 2009 to be completed 31st December 2009.

The result will be a report with unique intelligence on HR technology, that will allow you to benchmark against other organisations of your employee size, in your state. The focus will be on a variety of HR tech solutions, including the main drivers for, and roadblocks against solution improvement.

Anyone who contributes to making the report a reality – through a simple contribution to the survey – will receive the finished Australian HR Tech Report 2010 for free.

To learn more about the report, or sign up to be on the call list and receive a copy of the report for free, visit htrechreport.com.au