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Chart Portfolio – Part 1 – Generic organisational chart

Written by Belinda

Belinda is Navigo's Operations Manager. Belinda is also the Product Manager of HROnboard and works closely with the development team.

May 15, 2012

Chart Portfolio Overview

The most common question I am asked by OrgPlus customers is “What other charts can we create?”.  Since OrgPlus is very customisable, this is a very hard question to answer, it is endless.

Many customers do not know how to utilize the features of OrgPlus, some of the most common issues with views that I see are:

  • Views that contain lots of information in the boxes, so much information, that you need to zoom into one box to be able to read the information.  This looses the benefits of having the information in a chart format, it could be in a profile instead.
  • Views that do not utilize conditional formatting to highlight any issues or problems within the data.

This is the first post in a series set of OrgPlus views that Navigo have created to give our customers some ideas of different views they can have in OrgPlus.   These views have been created to have a main objective(s) so that you can easily see the required information at a glance.

Generic View


This view has several objectives:

  1. Provides basic contact information for co-workers
  2. Allows employees to see the organisation’s entire hierarchy
  3. Allows employees to assist with data cleansing and hierarchy maintenance

Note: if an employee notices incorrect data they can click on the ‘Update Details’ link in the profile to notify Human Resources, or any other nominated area, of the incorrect information.

Required Fields

  • Name
  • Position Title


  • Fire Warden
  • First Aid Officier






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