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Chart Portfolio – Part 3 – Establishment View

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Establishment View


To show the current position establishment of the organisation.

Required Fields

  • Position Title
  • Position ID
  • Department
  • Acting Name
  • Acting Employee ID
  • Acting Occupancy Type
  • Acting End Date
  • Substantive Name
  • Substantive Employee ID
  • Substantive On Leave

Conditional Formatting

The following conditional formats are used in this view:

  • Vacant positions are in grey (both acting and substantive)
  • An employee acting in a position (that they are not substantive in) are in brown
  • Employee on leave has a yellow border



In this chart Joan Smyth the Human Resources Director has gone on leave and Patricia Parker is acting in the role of Human Resources Director.  Therefore looking back at Patricia Parker’s substantive position of Talent Manager, since no-one is currently acting in this role, it is currently Vacant.


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