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It’s not often I get excited!

By / June 25, 2012 / / 0 Comments

Ok, it’s not often I get excited about a new product, but with the release of our HROnBoard product I’ve been blown away by the response from our client base.

I knew that onboarding was a problem but didn’t realise how much of a problem it is for all organisations.

When we initially advertised a webinar a few weeks ago, it was so popular that GotoWebinar crashed due to so many people being subscribed. Then it almost happened again a week later as we ran a second event.

So why have we had such a great response from our client base?

Well we’ve learnt that the onboarding process for many companies is still heavily paper based, manual and inefficient. Prone to errors, and incredibly frustrating for the new employee writing the same information repeatedly on documents and forms.

But worse it actually costs a fortune.

Most organisations see the ‘Hard’ costs of onboarding such as materials (printing, postage, courier), and time and material costs with labour administration/time, mistakes and errors, but often hidden are what we describe as ‘soft’ costs such as lost productivity, retention, cultural affinity and employee satisfaction.

Our research suggests that the hard costs alone are estimated at around $1000 per new employee and more likely exceed that amount. When you factor in some of the soft costs of losing your first choice candidate, time wasted filling in the same form etc etc, the mind boggles.

By using of an efficient web based onboarding program we are able to streamline and simplify the process, remove the errors, frustration and costs.

Perhaps that is why everyone is so excited!