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OrgPlus Adapter saves the day

Written by Tom Wade

July 23, 2012

We’ve all been there…. You’ve got a hot date at six o’clock, you look down at your watch, it’s five past five and you still need to get home, freshen up and prepare dinner.  Better leave now you tell yourself.

You shutdown your computer, collect your Tupperware from the dish rack and then head for the exit.  You see your boss glance up at you as you pass his office, he signals for you to come in but you pretend you didn’t notice and just keep walking.

You only progress a further 10 meters before hearing your name echo down the hall. “Johnson, Johnson, Johnson….”  You think about ignoring that as well but decide you’ll probably need a job to pay for the second date so you prepare your best fake smile, turn around and make eye contact with your boss.

“Hi Richard, what can I do for you?” you say.

“Johnson, the organisational charts you created with OrgPlus look fantastic but I need an up to date copy for my report” he says.

“They’re only 48 hours old, can’t it wait until tomorrow?” you ask.

“Unfortunately not, my reports due this evening” he states.

You ponder for a moment, running through the available options;

(1) Yell ‘look over there’ and then make a run for it, or
(2) Walk back to your desk, wait 15 minutes for your 1980’s computer to power up again and then refresh the organisational charts for your boss.

You begin to yell “Look over…” but then decide that’s probably not the best approach given you’re mortgage repayment is due again in 2 weeks.

You start to walk back to your desk but then suddenly realise you don’t need to…. you turn back to your boss.

“All done” you say with a smile on your face.

“How’s that even possible?” he asks.

“Remember that small budget item you approved for me earlier this week” you say.

“Yes” he says.

“Well, I used that budget to purchase an OrgPlus adapter.  The adapter was built by one of Navigo’s friendly and experienced consultants.  It allows us to extract richer data from our HR system so we can build more intelligent organisational charts which, in turn, allows you to make more informed decisions.  As an added bonus it’s also allowed us to automate the data import and chart refresh process – it’s now completely hands off.    The solution has basically paid for itself.”

“That’s what this organisation needs” your boss says “more forward thinking people like you – come and see on Monday morning Johnson and we’ll discuss your future”.

What’s the moral of this story?

Have Navigo develop an OrgPlus adapter to integrate your OrgPlus desktop solution with your HRIS.  You’ll be able to import more data, automate the data retrieval and chart refresh process while at the same time come off looking like a superstar to the boss.

Call Navigo for a quote today!


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