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US HR Technology Conference 2012 Visit

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I attended the 2012 HR Technology conference last week – my second time at arguably the world’s best and biggest HR Tech conference, with around 4500 attendees including vendors, delegates, analysts and speakers.

Highlights and big wow moments for me include:

Social Recruitment Tools

There was a raft of products that can manage your careers site, find and nurture potential candidates and build profiles of people scraped from social sites around the web.

A couple that I came across: TalentBin, Talemetry, Jobs2Web (now owned by SuccessFactors)

Also popular was candidate screening including online video and interview software allowing you to screen and interview candidates online before you do (or even replacing) face to face interviews. Solutions I saw included HireVue, Spark Hire and Hireology.


HCM in the Cloud

The cloud may have been the unofficial theme of the event with many talks focused on benefits and realities of delivering software in the cloud.

Naomi Bloom’s Master Panel saw CTO’s and Development heads from all the big vendors including SAP, Oracle, Workday, SalesForce, ADP and Ultimate. The panel discussed the advantages of SaaS including faster release cycles and data aggregation across tenants for insights. Also mentioned were the challenges SaaS brings up include adopting new functionality, building self learning applications (no training required) and changing development methodologies for traditional on-premise vendors to allow faster releases.

Thomas Otter from Gartner presented on how not to get ripped off from SaaS Contracts.  This insightful presentation showed the typical and sometimes “evil” tricks vendors put into their SaaS contracts. A Gartner survey found HR departments on average paid 30% less for HR Tech software if they got procurement involved.

In the HCM vendor world, Workday continue to be the rockstars of HCM (their demo session had a massive queue) but SAP, Oracle, ADP and others are nipping at their heels.


Cedar Crestone launch of the HR Systems survey results

I couldn’t miss Lexy Martin’s public release of their findings for the HR Systems Survey by Cedar Crestone.  This is their 15th Annual Survey and I’m in awe of how much they ask and the responses they get.  I understand how much work this is from putting together our much smaller survey.

Some of the highlights: SaaS solutions take significantly less headcount to deploy and support, PeopleSoft still most used HCM, improving user experience is a big driver for replacing systems and there is link between having an integrated HRMS/TM Solution to stronger outcomes.


Australian vendors at HR Tech

Strolling the exhibitor floor there was a small local Australian presence with PageUp People and a big display by Talent2.

Culture Amp demonstrated their Murmur engagement survey tool in the Awesome New Technologies session. The tool looks impressive and has some powerful analytics behind it.


For more in-depth related coverage

Sadly there was only one of me and I missed a couple of great sessions.

Here is a couple of other writeups of the conference and sessions:



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