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PayGlobal purchases UXC Eclipse PayGlobal practice

By / April 23, 2013 / / 0 Comments

Earlier in April PayGlobal, a New Zealand based HR Payroll solution provider, announced the purchase of the Australian PayGlobal Implementation Practice of UXC Eclipse. For several years UXC Eclipse has been one of the leading PayGlobal implementation partners in Australia.

UXC Eclipse, part of the larger UXC organisation, is a provider of mid-sized enterprise solutions from vendors such as Microsoft, Infor, IBM Cognos and PayGlobal. UXC Eclipse has a team of over 400 employees across Australia, 24 of whom are now joining PayGlobal.

Long time followers of the Australian HR Tech space will remember the reverse transaction took place about 7 years ago when PayGlobal sold its customer base to UXC Eclipse to focus primarily on software development and to leave the implementation to partners. At that time 16 PayGlobal employees joined UXC Eclipse, showing a 50% growth in consulting resources over the last 7 years.

Over the last few year UXC Eclipse has had a very good track record of securing implementation wins for PayGlobal most recently Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Limited and Care Options. The purchase by PayGlobal of the implementation practice now gives PayGlobal a solid team of implementation consultants across Australia and provides them with offices in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in addition to their existing base of Sydney.

The purchase should provide UXC Eclipse PayGlobal users greater access to internal knowledge about the PayGlobal products which can only improve their implementation experiences.