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The Org Chart and your data

Written by Michael Specht

May 27, 2013

Today I was catching up on some reading and came across an interesting post from Jason Averbook of Knowledge Infusion. Jason directed me to a video that graphically showed the movement of employees within Autodesk over a four year period.

What struck me about the video, other than the beauty, was the data required to produce such a video.

Often I hear from customers that their biggest issue is not a missing feature in their chosen system. Instead it is the data stored in the system.

Research is now backing up the issue with HR data. The recent SHL Global Assessment Trends Report for 2012 has found that less than 50% of their surveyed organisations were using objective data to make decisions about their employees. I would suggest there are two reasons for this. First a lack of confidence in the data and second a lack of tools.

The tools are being slowly addressed with the rise of analytics platforms such as Visier, Information Builders and Tableau Software. Tools will not solve the lack of confidence. Only a focused effort on data quality by organisations will.

Enough about data or the lack thereof here is the video.

I wonder how many Australian organisations have enough data that is accurate to produce such a video?

Disclosure: The main Navigo business resells Visier.



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