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Social Network Analysis and Succession Planning

By / June 13, 2013 / , / 2 Comments

Just a short post to draw your attention to a post by Dr Laurence Lock Lee, one of Australia’s leading experts in Knowledge Management and Social Network Analysis.

A few days ago he posted about analysis of the human capital flows within the Australian banking industry he has conducted using tools from his company, Optimice.

He took the Company Insights information from LinkedIn and mapped the movement of staff between the different banks within Australia. If you are not aware of the LinkedIn Insights feature search for a company and then click on the Insights tab, from here you can see the top 5 organisations who are supplying them with talent, along with the top skills in the organisation, all based on LinkedIn profiles.

Other than understanding the knowledge flows within the industry other insights they took from the data include.

  • Staff move companies regularly but only within the same city.
  • IBM is a major supplier of talent to the banks.
  • Westpac has been draining staff from its subsidiaries BT and St George Bank.
  • Macquarie Bank appears to ‘feed’ Commonwealth Bank with talent.
  • Telstra has a constant flow talent from organisations like IBM, Optus and Ericsson.

There were a few takeaways for me from this post.

Firstly, using Company Insights and tools such as those sold by Optimice can give recruiters new sources for talent. They can also show HR teams where they are losing employees allowing the development of specific retention strategies to attempt to keep top performers from leaving to these specific organisations.

Secondly the tools and analysis provide a very different view on succession planning, far beyond the traditional 9 box matrix. One of the examples shown on the Optimice web site is to conduct succession planning activities by mapping people collaboration patterns.

A final takeaway. How long until we see these social networks analysis features within talent management tools? (Or have we already and I am yet to see it.)