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HROnboard – “Liquorice” Release

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  • New look & feel of the login page – now using the same header & footer as the rest of the application!
  • Footer updated with reference to Navigo’s support desk
  • New User email updated with new HROnboard & HRForms branding
  • Support for .jpeg files in attachment fields

HROnboard Only

  • SMS is now from your company name, instead of ‘HROnboard’
  • Wording ‘Letter of Offer’ has been replaced with ‘Employment Contract’ throughout the application
  • “Company Documents” tab on the Employment Contract screen has been renamed to “Supporting Information”
  • The Fair Work Information Statement has been updated
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Belinda is Navigo's Operations Manager. Belinda is also the Product Manager of HROnboard and works closely with the development team.