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Webinar: Improving HR Reports through Visualisation

HR Operations seem to be constantly swamped with requests for people and establishment information and metrics from all areas of the business.

It takes time to build these reports, yet the result is often complicated, data heavy rows and columns spreadsheets which are not only unhelpful, but are also out of date by the time they are produced.

What the business wants is to quickly understand core HR information, with the ability to drill down into detail.

Presenting HR information in a visual format based on reporting lines or org units makes it easier to navigate and quickly comprehend important HR metrics.

This 30 minute webinar will talk you through ways of improving your HR Reporting using OrgPlus.

In this webinar learn:

  • What types of HR information best suits visualisation
  • How to reduce HR overhead by producing reports using a combination of visual and data metrics
  • Tips for creating appealing, informative reports
  • A look at how OrgPlus can be used to produce visual HR Reports

Here’s the webinar recording for those of you who missed it and you can view the slide deck here.

Improving HR Reports through Visualisation from Navigo Marketing on Vimeo.



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