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HR Vendor briefings for the Australia market

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Our work at Navigo Research involves speaking to businesses who are looking for HR Technology to solve specific business issues.   To come up with a shortlist of suitable vendors we need to have a rich understanding of the offerings available.

We do this in various ways – reviewing press releases, reading blogs, attending webinars and conferences.  While all beneficial they have limitations, and sometimes do not cover the specific information we are interested in.

To overcome these gaps we like to speak directly to vendors.   HR Technology analysts like ourselves are a rare beast in the Australian market, and sometimes vendors query us on how and why we conduct the meetings.

To clarify what we are doing and our expectations we have developed a vendor briefing overview.

The goal is to provide more structure and a shared understanding around expected outcomes.

The briefing session

We recommend the session covers the vendors’ products and strategy in a clear and no nonsense manner, less marketing spin the better! This helps us gain a good understanding of the business and products without the sales pitch.

Think of a vendor briefing is an opportunity for you, the vendor, to highlight how your products, services and business strategies stand out from the competition. Why are you awesome!

Get known in the Australian market!

While our process is new to some vendors in the Australian market, we have based the principles of the process on experts such as Gartner, Forrester, Aragon Research, Naomi Bloom, Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li and given it our own twist.

So if you are a vendor and want to let us know how awesome you are, request a briefing now!

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Peter is Navigo's founder and Managing Director. Peter is passionate about building and running businesses, finding solutions to business process problems and new trends in HR Technology.