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HROnboard – “Candy Cane” Release

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  • New look login screen
  • Standard font changed to ‘Open Sans’
  • Updated look & feel of forms
  • Updated look & feel of all buttons
  • Replace all icons used with a new look
  • Updated look of date picker
  • Updated look pop-up boxes used throughout the application

HROnboard Only

Candidate Portal new look and feel

We have updated the look and feel of the Candidate Portal to make it look cleaner, simpler and more modern!

This update includes the following new features:

  • Progress Indicators have been added
  • Ability to decline offer throughout the portal (not just at the end)
  • Onscreen validation for entering incorrect PIN numbers to accept the offer
  • Completed screen now displays Supporting Information as well as Candidate Instructions

Mini make-over of the back office interface

The back office interface has had a ‘mini make-over’, changing the look and feel of the forms, buttons.
There are also been a couple of new features added in as well, which includes:

  • Payroll now displays event history
  • Payroll can now view all details and documents once the offer has been ‘Completed’
  • The ‘merged’ document available to Payroll, now doesn’t include the Policies
  • Payroll can now access forms individually (they are still in the ‘merged’ document too)
  • Payroll can now access all of the policies merged into 1 document
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