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Aurion follow up

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Following the February news post we received a follow up email from Tony Barnes, Executive General Manager, Aurion. Tony wanted to clarify that Aurion is undertaking several changes as part of it’s new strategy. With many of them being made in direct response to a customer satisfaction survey conducted in the second half of 2013.

To quote directly from Tony’s email:

Some of our key undertakings for our business in 2014 include:

  • The substantial investment in the forthcoming Aurion V11, currently in development and representing a quantum leap in terms of functionality and accessibility. Aurion V11 will deliver true employee self-service mobility across all devices and platforms.
  • The appointment of Paul Dixon as our new Professional Services Manager, Jason Murphy as Head of Project Management & Quality (a new management role) and Phil Lennon as National Sales Manager.
  • The creation of Client Executive Roles to service our customers through a single point of accountability, and fulfilled by Warren Price (previously BDM NSW) in NSW and ACT, Simon Pang (previously BDM Qld) for Queensland, Lara Williams (previously Account Manager Victoria) for Vic, SA and Tasmania. New appointment Rob Fox rounds out the team as Client Executive WA in Perth supporting our growing customer group in the State.
  • Investing in expanded office and new dedicated payroll facilities in Brisbane, bringing together previously geographically disbursed teams into a consolidated environment.
  • Introducing Enhanced Service Agreements which amongst other things enable customers to pre-secure guaranteed time with Aurion Technical and Product Consultants.
  • Establishing a “Customer Advisory Board” to guide Aurion’s long-term roadmap and future path of our software modules.

It is fantastic to see vendors like Aurion listening to their customers and adjusting customer retention strategies based on this feedback.

Our 3rd Australian HR Technology Report found that over 40% of respondents were not satisfied with their core HRIS offering. In this year’s survey (make sure you have taken it) we have increased our focus on satisfaction introducing the idea of a Net Promoter Score. Early results from the survey responses are not the best.

Ideas like the Enhanced Service Agreements are fantastic as this goes towards ensuring customer environments are maintained on a regular basis. We often encounter businesses where the issue is not that the current system cannot meet the needs of the customer – the issue is the system has not been maintained on a regular basis.

The Customer Advisory Board is another great initiative for ensuring customers have a say in the product direction. We are seeing more vendors look to their customers for new feature input.  Key to success of these programs is how many of the requests are implemented and over what time frame. For example Workday’s recent Release 21 had 240 new HR and finance features, approximately 65 of which were based on customer suggestions. Workday also releases three times per year.

Overall it is great to see Aurion making these changes, it would be even better if all vendors started moving in the same direction.

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