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4th Australian HR Technology Report Released

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4th Australian HR Technology Report Released

The annual Australian HR Technology Report, now in its fourth year is freely available for download.

The reports are based on a survey of over 288 organisations representing over 690,000 employees. Respondents provided information on HR software used, technology adoption across functional areas, satisfaction rates, age of systems, expenditure and future trends.

This year we had so much content that we decided to split the report in two. The first looking at HR Systems Adoption, the second around the Management of HR Systems.

HR Systems Adoption Rates HR Systems AdoptionWhat vendor solutions are being used? How satisfied are organisations with them? We look at system adoption rates across the different HR Functional areas.The report also looks at how systems are deployed and the expected expenditure in the next 12 months.

Download the HR Systems Adoption Report

Management of HR SystemsThis report delves into the various aspects associated with the management of HR systems.What are the major roadblocks, motivators for investing into HR Technology? We look into SaaS deployment, usability and data management.

Download the Management of HR Systems Report

Management of HR Systems

The reports provide a great insight into the attitudes and landscape of the Australian HR Software industry. Organisations responded that they are unhappy with their old legacy HR/Payroll Systems.

Over 50% of HR Payroll systems are over 7 years old and are on-premise. While cloud systems still have a low adoption, there is an increasing desire for them.

Spending outlook for HR technologies remains strong. We still find the number one motivator for investment is improved operational efficiency while cost and budget is the main roadblock.

To our respondents, thank you for participating in the survey, your involvement helps create a bigger picture of our industry that everyone can benefit from.

Download the free reports and discover the reach of different types of HR systems and how well they are meeting the goals of the human resource departments around Australia and New Zealand.

We hope you enjoy reading the reports.

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