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The Secret to Being a Better Boss: Better Org Charts

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For many of us, org charts are seen as cold, flat representations of a company’s hierarchy. Names, titles and reporting relationships – that’s all they’re good for.
Static, mildly informative org charts can create distance between you and your employees. Your people are the pulse of your business, and keeping up with the beat is crucial.

Effective org charting software not only gives insight into how your workforce is performing, it can also provide a closer understanding of your employees themselves. Here’s how this software can make you a better boss (and buddy):

Putting Faces With Names
The best org charting tools allow for the use of actual photos of your employees. This way, you can see and familiarise yourself with people who might not share the same office space.

Employees appreciate it when a higher-up recognises them, by name, in a hallway or break room. They feel like part of the team, not just a small cog in the machine.

No more “Hey … guy!” or “How’s it going, chief?” With pictures in place, you’ll be better acquainted with your workforce and be a more personable boss.

Taking Succession Cues
Identifying employees who may be nearing retirement takes only a few clicks with workforce metrics like age and tenure at your disposal. Consider meeting with these highly seasoned workers to see how they’re doing and if their retirement plan is on track. Should your succession plan need tweaking, you’ll be on top of it.

Furthermore, metrics like performance rating and salary can help you identify flight risks. These workers, who may be outperforming some of their colleagues but are also making less money, require attention if you want them to stay. If you think a raise or promotion is a possibility, let them know. If not, lend your support and ask that they keep you in the loop should they seek employment elsewhere.

Remember: The fewer the surprises, the better.

Identifying the Distressed
Your employees take pride in what they do, but sometimes that can lead to them not asking for help when they need it. Data-savvy org charting software can help you find out what’s really going on by highlighting areas of concern. In short, a good org chart can put these kinds of things on your radar because it actually IS the radar.

For instance, a hefty workload can take its toll on a department’s productivity, performance ratings and budget. In this case, adding or realigning staff can relieve some of the pressure – and earn you some heartfelt thanks.

Companies and departments experience peaks and valleys throughout the year, and potent org charting software allows you to plan and model different scenarios with your workforce to optimise performance.

The Takeaway
If you care about your business, you also care about the people helping you run it. After all, there are actual human faces behind every quarterly statistic, every expense report and every sale. By using org charts that allow you to dig deeper into important workforce metrics, you’ll have a better understanding of your employees and a better idea of how to set them up for success.

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