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Box Hill Online Timesheets Reduce Paper-Shuffle

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Box Hill Institute is one of Australia’s premier TAFE institutes that prides itself on its ability to deliver a broad range of vocational education and training services.

It offers over 400 full-time and part-time courses covering a wide range of subject disciplines and delivery methods, as well as around 300 short courses. Employing over 1500 employees, Box Hill Institute uses the Alesco V11 HRIS from Talent2.

The Challenge

At Box Hill, between three and four hundred timesheets were generated every fortnight by six hundred casual teachers, needing approval by line managers before being sent to payroll for processing.

Payroll staff would spend two full days every fortnight validating and entering the timesheets into their Alesco HRIS. Additional staff resources were required for the paper handling, and being forced to manually chase up lost or incorrect timesheets was common. Storage space was being used to house physical historical records.

An online solution was required to record, validate and approve timesheets, replacing the manual process. The successful uptake of a new system would depend on its simplicity, accuracy and ease of use.

The Solution

Box Hill had been using Alesco Web Self Service (WSS) to allow employees to book leave and access pay details online. It was a natural progression to use the same platform for electronic timesheets.

The standard WSS timesheets lacked the right layout and validation rules required for teachers timesheets. A solution was required that could use the built in approver workflow of WSS while allowing the entry screen to be tailored and maintained by Box Hill.

Navigo’s HRIS consultants built timesheet data entry screens utilising the Talent2 developed WSS Transaction API. The API allows sites to develop their own entry screens and transaction types in WSS leveraging off the built in approver functionality.


Using the new screen, a teacher can enter times throughout the period. When a teacher submits a timesheet it follows the standard approval process
and, if approved, a timesheet record is created in Alesco using standard Timesheet API functionality.

The screen auto populates dates, calculates totals and validates user entries against the right pay codes and cost centre, reducing processing times and errors.

The Results

Box Hill’s successful release of the timesheet system has increased efficiency for teachers, supervisors and payroll, and has resulted in significant time and cost-savings across all departments.

Teachers are impressed that they can check statuses online, fill out timesheets as they go, and add time worked retroactively. Configurable paycodes make employee choices simpler and save more time.

Since release, Navigo has also used the WSS Transaction API to automate Box Hill’s Vehicle Expense Claims, another previously time-consuming process.

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