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Webinar: Delving into workforce analytics with the unlikeliest of tools – the humble Org Chart

Written by Tom Wade

November 5, 2014

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace keeping your people aligned for success requires deep understanding and flexibility. Change happens fast and organisations need to react quickly. When you are asked to re-organise or start a new department to meet changing business needs, you need your critical organisational data at your fingertips to make the best decisions. This can be easier said than done. Why? Typically, HR data is spread across departmental charts, talent and ERP systems, spreadsheets and other tools. Attempting to piece together an accurate version of the truth is a formidable challenge. It’s also inefficient and inconvenient. How can you effectively plan for the future? You need a solution that lets you see the whole of your company in a few simple steps.

Planning at Work

Why the humble org chart? Hierarchy-based analytics allows you to see how HR metrics affect the organisation in a powerful, visual way.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can get the maximum out of one of the most commonly used tools by HR, the Org Chart.

In this webinar we show you how you can move beyond using the Org Chart to just show who reports to whom.

Types of analytics we highlight include:

  • Department Salary Budgets
  • Leave accruals
  • Workforce by performance level, gender, tenure and job role
  • Colour coded conditional formatting to spot issues
  • Span of control

In the Webinar, we explore the trends that are driving the increased demand for workforce analytics.

We also define key terms, and provide specific examples with our SaaS based Org Charting tool Planning@Work to deliver hierarchical analytics to your organisation, without having to undertake a significant workforce analytics project or engage expensive consultants.

Finally, we discuss the common mistakes and challenges to avoid when implementing workforce analytics.

Watch Michael Specht and Grant Cumming as they present on this important topic, identified as a key HR trend in 2014 and into 2015.



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