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Webinar: Jump Start Your Succession Planning Efforts

Succession PlanningOnce reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, today’s succession planning is being redefined. The discipline has broadened to include plans for a larger pool of your talent.

Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organisation including risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, retirees taking their skills and knowledge with them, and losing high-value employees to competitors. 

The problem is that succession planning is barely automated, let alone optimised which results in unidentified candidates, out-of-date plans and poor visibility of future scenarios.

In this webinar learn how the latest generation of succession planning tools can help you jump start your succession planning process.


  • How to run effective succession planning workshops with your business partners
  • How to find great candidates hiding in your data
  • How to keep your plans up to date as time moves on
  • Running what-if scenarios to see your plans in action
  • Methods to share succession plans securely and timely


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