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How to create a basic org chart using OrgPlus Desktop

Written by Tom Wade

December 18, 2014

Are you using your OrgPlus charts to their full potential?

To help all of our customers get the most out of OrgPlus Desktop and OrgPlus Enterprise, we’re now running monthly Q&A sessions focussed on each of the products. Our first sessions were held yesterday, and we had a number of great questions from attendees.

Many of you wanted a little help with the basics of OrgPlus, including:

  • refreshing data
  • using excel spreadsheet data to create charts
  • adding photos to your charts
  • customising the look and feel of your charts
  • how to upgrade to OrgPlus Enterprise & Planning@Work


If you’ve had similar questions, be sure to watch the following video with a step by step guide on how to use these features.

For those looking to upgrade to OrgPlus Enterprise or Planning@Work (the leading cloud-based org charting), find out more information at or give us a call on +61 3 9879 4060.

Invites to our next Q&A sessions will be emailed out to all of our customers over the next few weeks. If you’re not a current customer and would like to attend, please send an email to to receive an invite.

Thanks to all who attended for your great questions!



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