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Learn how fatigue management is affecting your workforce

Written by Michael Specht

December 7, 2014

We have all felt tired, or run down – for many we call this being fatigued. According to the Better Health Channel fatigue can be a lot more than just being tired.

Fatigue can mean feeling tired, sleepy or lacking energy. Fatigue may be due to medical causes, lifestyle or emotional concerns or stress. Depression, anxiety or grief can all cause fatigue. Too little or too much sleep can cause fatigue. Medical causes of fatigue may include flu, glandular fever, anaemia, sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea or restless leg syndrome, CFS/ME (formerly known as chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalopathy), hypothyroidism, heart problems, cancer and other conditions.

In a work context fatigue has been described as a state of mental and/or physical exhaustion that reduces your ability to perform work safely and effectively. The effective management of your workforce to ensure they are not fatigued is a critical issue for all organisations in Australia, regardless of size and industry.

To understand the impact fatigue is having on Australian businesses and their current approaches to managing this issue we are conducting a short (less than 5 minutes) survey, sponsored by Workforce Software, a provider of workforce management technology.

The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and can be completed completely anonymously. The results will be made freely available on our website in 2015.

We look forward to your participation. The survey is now available at:

Take the survey now!


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