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HR: A complicated game of Guess Who

By / February 9, 2015 / / 1 Comment

GuessWhoComparisonMy daughter received the board game, Guess Who, for Christmas and we had a great time playing it (although the original version we had as kids was heaps better, with the dodgy 70s moustaches and gorgeous fros).

As I was trying to figure out if my daughter had the dude with the little French moustache or the Merv Hughes one, it got me to thinking about how Guess Who can become a game for some organisations. And that’s not such a fun game to play.

I speak on a daily basis with companies that have issues with their data. These issues stem not so much from the content itself, but from how the data is presented.

HR is becoming more and more involved in strategic operations (as it should be!), which means businesses need a simple, easy to understand way to visualise HR data, from company structure to compa ratios.

It’s up to HR to make sure managers aren’t left wondering, ‘Is it Merv Hughes or little French moustache guy I’m looking at?’ The wondering creates doubt. And that doubt creates frustration.

I don’t need to tell you who then gets the blame. Poorly formatted, out of date excel spreadsheets just won’t cut it anymore!

There’s a very easy solution – use your org charts! They’re useful for a whole host of analytical reporting purposes. If you need to show compa ratios, budgets, succession plans or just show who reports to who, your org chart is more than capable of delivering!

Isn’t it great to know that you can avoid all the guessing games simply by transforming your raw workforce data into an easy-to-understand org chart hierarchy? Available in real time, all the time? Not only will it make HR look great, it will impress even the most hardened line manager.

Want to stop playing Guess Who? Call me!