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Is data evil?

Written by Michael Specht

March 22, 2015

Last month at Talent Leaders Connect in London Bill Boorman gave an interesting talk looking at how our life is being shaped by data through our use of the Internet.

How is this the case? Through the effective use of our personal data companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter etc are providing us a filtered view on the Internet.

Today the Internet only shows you information that it deems relevant to you based on your online connections and interactions. A good example is Google search results – for several years Google has been personalising the results it delivers. As Bill says today it is impossible to have separate personal and a professional presences online.

Bill raises some good points about how we can use the same data for good and for evil – see 7:50 in about divorce and bananas in the UK or 10:45 about HR’s use around flights risks.

The question I have for you is “How can you use the data you have in your organisation for good?”


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