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The advantage of enterprise HR solutions

Sometimes, a spreadsheet isn’t enough. You can create an org chart or plan a restructure through a spreadsheet, but using enterprise HR solutions is so much easier.

Enterprise solutions are dedicated to a specific function. They automate and simplify business processes and provide further details unavailable in spreadsheets.

If you’d like to kill your spreadsheets, here are the reasons to look at enterprise solutions instead:

Perform business functions better and faster

enterprise hr solutions

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Performing a restructure with a spreadsheet is a manual, drawn out process. You have to create each entity individually, and move employees around by copying and pasting cells.

A workforce planning tool pulls information from your payroll system and populates your organisation. The user interface makes restructures a drag and drop exercise. Departments and teams slot into place as fast as you can think of them.

Performing processes faster with enterprise HR solutions gives you two new options: You can run through more potential restructures in the same amount of time, or you can use that time to focus on other tasks.

Enterprise HR solutions make it possible to get more done in a day without working harder.

Increase accuracy and reduce risk

enterprise hr solutions

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Your spreadsheet can provide a lot of data; pivot tables, percentages, calculations. However, spreadsheets have their limitations.

You can’t combine information from multiple sources; such as income, leave liability, and age, all in the one place. Collecting this data takes jumping between a lot of programs and a lot of copying and pasting.

The more data you put into a spreadsheet means more data needs to be updated when something changes. You can feel like you have too much data to work with.

There is no such thing as too much data. It’s all about how you use it, and how it’s managed. Managing data is just one function enterprise software does for you.

Build a complete picture of your organisation with data from multiple sources. A complete data set can tell you a team’s skills, age, and pay grade.

All the data is updated in real time. Editing an entry in a payroll system no longer means copying the same change across to multiple spreadsheets.

Having more data means reducing risk in an organisation. You can track expenditure across teams with greater visibility. You can see who has the most leave days accrued. You can even prevent ‘brain-drain‘ by training the replacements for employees approaching retirement.

 Create succession plans for critical positions

enterprise hr solutions

Source: eda.c

A spreadsheet can tell you who is in the top positions, who is earning the most for the company, and who is getting paid the most.

What your spreadsheet won’t tell you is what to do when those higher-ups leave. Skill, potential, and training are a bit harder to measure in a spreadsheet.

Enterprise solutions can provide strategies to fill high-level positions before they become vacant.

Preparing to fill a position before it becomes available reduces the downtime in changeover. The employee taking over the position has a better perspective on the role, and you know they will be the right fit.

Find the enterprise HR solutions right for you

If you’d like to look at enterprise HR solutions to fix your organisation, get in touch with Grant here at Navigo.

We specialise in org charting, employee onboarding, and HRIS consulting. Get in contact now to see what solution is right for you.


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