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How to kill your spreadsheet with Org Charts [WEBINAR]

Written by Peter

Peter is Navigo's founder and Managing Director. Peter is passionate about building and running businesses, finding solutions to business process problems and new trends in HR Technology.

March 17, 2016

org-charts-killedthespreadsheet copyThe times have changed – the HR spreadsheet is no more.

Sound too good to be true? Then this is the webinar for you!

Find out how Planning@Work, the cloud-based org charting and workforce modelling tool, can give you all the HR metrics and tools you’ll ever need. You’ll never need to look at another mind-numbing spreadsheet again.

Join org charting specialist Grant Cumming as he shows you:

  • The fastest way to visualise your HRIS/Payroll data
  • How to create restructure and succession plans on the fly
  • How to create an awesome company directory that is updated automatically
  • The new way to report your HR metrics – without opening a spreadsheet



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