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April 28, 2016

Here’s the latest in HR Technology news for the month.

imgresQueensland government finally sorts out its HR systems

It’s taken 4 years (well, 8 if you count the number of years since the QLD government’s old systems were obsolete), but Datacom and the government have finally come to a solution.

The $100million deal has been arranged to replace the outdated LATTICE Payroll system the state’s emergency service workers were stuck on.

With the Labor government moving most of the systems internally, Datacom are certainly not getting as big a contract as they initially hoped for.

Let’s hope the implementation isn’t too rocky, as this is only one of the milestones in the overall HR system overhaul.



1456698055942Deloitte has gamified grad recruitment

In an effort to assess new recruits, the big 4 organisation, Deloitte has developed a 20min test for all graduates looking to join the team.

The aim is to make it easier to assess the large number of applicants coming in without individual oversight. The gamified nature of the app is also designed to make candidates forget they’re performing a test, potentially making the results more accurate than traditional psychometric testing options.



CBMR_2016_landing_genericultureAmp releases its New Tech Benchmark report for 2016

If you’re looking for some stats on new tech (and its effects on engagement and retention), this is the report for you.

These guys know a thing or two about measuring the overall health of a company culture, so their insights into what questions to ask and the results you should expect will be of great use to any HR pro.


imagesAtlassian is trying to recruit more women

Due to an over-representation of men in the Aussie tech startup, Atlassian is adjusting its recruitment strategies to attract more female staff.

From using the term “specialist” instead of “expert” to special internship programs, the Atlassian team are trying it all. For those struggling with gender diversity, be sure to come along to our Gender diversity webinar on Wednesday, where we’ll take you through some tips and tricks to measure your current workforce and avoid any compliance-related issues.



ibm-696x522IBM Australia has handed out more redundancies

As part of a global restructure, IBM is reducing its headcount on May 31st by an unspecified amount. This news comes despite a $484million contract renewal with the Department of Human Services, which indicates the restructure may not necessarily be a sign of poor performance for the Australian arm of the tech giant overall.



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