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Learn how you can get analytics from your Org Chart [WEBINAR]

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February 14, 2017

It’s been a number of years now since Human Resources professionals started leveraging the power of technology and the analytical opportunities that come from it. Today, a number of tools and platforms exist that enable businesses to use data to improve engagement drivers, manage KPIs, and plan for the future.

It’s become routine for HR professionals to run analysis and socialise findings internally, and these reports are often used to prompt further action from its recipients (such as the leave liability report seen below or transparency into diversity reporting). When various reports need to be updated, sent, and actioned by a group of staff, it’s easy to see how the process becomes time-consuming and gets out of hand.


Updating the data behind the report to ensure that it reflects current information is a chore in itself. Then there’s the matter of displaying this data into actionable insights, managing the display of any sensitive information, and the process of circulating the information.


Hierarchical reports are a clever way of displaying key pieces of information into a digestible format, and by using a dedicated tool that’s synced to your HRIS system (or another source of truth), much of the process  – if not all, depending on the platform you’re using – can be automated.


In our lunchtime webinar this month, Grant Cumming (Workforce Visualisation Expert) and Aniya Roslan (Marketing Manager) from Navigo take HR professionals through a number of different reports that can be optimised by using org charts, bringing back template-building for the diversity reporting, and covering other handy tools to support planning and save time.


Watch the webinar below, or if you’d like to jump right ahead to checking out our org charting tools:

I need org charting for a Small to Medium Business

I need org charting for an Enterprise


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