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2019 Australian HR tech trends revealed: 7th HR Tech Survey

7th tech surveyThe Navigo team is excited to announce that the 7th HR Tech Survey is complete and available for free download! This online survey was conducted to discover insights relating to Australian HR technology and trends leading into 2020. The respondent profile included professionals working in the HR and IT sectors across Australia. Overall, 135 responses were gained from 126 organisations.
In this edition of the survey, we split the data into 2 segments for areas that demonstrated interesting comparisons. The two groups include Small-Medium-Enterprise (under 500 employees) and large organisations (500 employees and over). This separation of data allows us to see how attitudes and decisions differ based on organisation size, helping to provide more information for the planning, justification and execution of HR tech projects.
Across the HR tech environment, we have seen interesting trends for not only organisations, but for vendors as well. Previous results demonstrated a dramatic increase in the adoption of a ‘Cloud First’ HRIS strategy. This has reinforced the importance for vendors to deliver Cloud solutions locally. It is also clear that vendors have had a focus on improving satisfaction ratings across customer service and solution features in the past 12 months.
The 7th HR Tech Survey has also seen the addition of new sections that may be of interest, including: team collaboration tools and employee feedback. The report contains 50 pages of commentary and statistics about the most common vendors, levels of satisfaction, Cloud adoption, spending and much more.
Some key insights to give you a taste:

  • Overall, employee feedback and engagement was rated as the most important to HR tech strategy, with process automation in close 2nd
  • In 2019, 55% of organisations adopted a Cloud hosted system (33% in 2018)
  • Large organisations (500+ employees) see data privacy, lack of control for upgrades & customisation limitations as the main issues for Cloud migration
  • 81% of respondents indicated that their current HR reporting is based on limited metrics or they use basic list type reports

A huge thank you to all respondents who participated in this year’s survey, your involvement has created some wonderful insights. This report will help organisations to research and plan their HRIS strategy and vendors better serve their customers.
Download your free copy to discover more about the current state of the Australian HR tech world. If you have any questions or feedback, our team would love to hear from you.
We hope you enjoy the report!

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