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Why choose Navigo?

4 reasons you’ll love working with us

Why choose navigo

1) Become a leader in workforce design

Always relevant org planning views

We specialise in taking useful data you already have (regardless of source) & combining it into one, easy-to-use tool.

Real-time workforce analytics

Move away from ‘point in time’ data & access a real-time insights to bridge any existing gaps in your workforce.

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2) We’re a hands on-partner

Seamless implementation process

You’ll receive a step-by-step project scope & implementation plan, so you’ll have all the information you need from the start.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated customer success team will work closely with you, providing ongoing support during & beyond implementation. 

SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards
SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards

3) Tested & proven solutions

Expert org design team

Rely on a team with 20+ years’ experience in the HR & payroll space, with hundreds of successful projects delivered on time.

Real-life case studies

Get inspiration for your project from real implementation journeys & the quick business ROI (e.g. hours of work saved).

4) We’ll help you do your job better

Become an org design expert

Our tools provide easy access to meaningful workforce insights so anyone can understand complex workforce metrics.

We’ll find the right solution for you

We’re an agile team that is flexible to work with. We specialise in enabling teams to deliver their project as quickly as possible.

SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards

I have to say, I continue to be thankful that you and your colleagues are so quick and effective with your help. The support I receive from your organisation is excellent!

Lynn Nash, Reporting Consultant

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