Onsite OrgPlus Desktop Advanced Training

Onsite OrgPlus Desktop Advanced Training


This 1 day workshop is designed for users of OrgPlus Version 11 who are ready to start creating dynamic analytical charts for use by a wide range of people within their organisation.


It is assumed that attendees of this course have been using OrgPlus Version 11 at a basic to intermediate level and are able to import data, create a chart and undertake basic formatting of a chart. We highly recommend attending OrgPlus Desktop Fundamentals before attending the Advanced course.

Topics covered

The workshop will begin with a brief recap of:

  • Box Properties
  • Chart Rules

Following the recap, workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Use the Advanced tab in Box Properties
  • Create advanced org chart rules, including:
    • Org chart styles
    • Org chart actions
  • Create email and HTML links
  • Create mapped fields (converting text to images)
  • Duplicate org charts
  • Create advanced formulas, including:
    • Range overview
    • Headcounts
    • Total FTE
    • Age statistics
    • Actual Salary (Salary * FTE)
    • Sectioning of strings
    • Available Formula Overview
  • Create advanced conditional formats, including:
    • Vacant Positions
    • Adding Legends
  • Create hidden fields
  • Use the panel feature, including:
    • Advanced profiles, tabs and conditional formats
    • Comments
    • Reports
    • Summaries
  • Create information hotspots
  • Create groups
  • Apply custom templates
  • Perform organisational re-structuring, including:
    • Adding, moving and deleting boxes
    • Modifying fields
    • Compare charts
    • Tracking changes
    • Setting up chart security

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