Onsite OrgPlus Desktop Fundamentals Training


This 1 day workshop is designed for new and existing users of OrgPlus Version 11 who are looking to acquire the skills to produce, format & distribute professional looking charts in the most efficient way possible.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Topics covered

During this workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Import data, including:
    • Handling duplicates, merging fields, sorting, verifying the hierarchy, combining boxes, creating groups, setting the top of chart, and applying filters
  • Handle orphans (unassigned positions)
  • Save charts as a “chart” or a “template”
  • Style the org chart look and feel, including:
    • Creating sub-charts
    • Maintaining the master page
    • Changing the chart style and layout
    • Changing spacing between boxes
    • Changing line properties
  • Create box formats, including:
    • Colour and lines, shadows, fields, formatting, columns, merging cells, and adjusting box sizing
  • Create basic field definitions, including:
    • Basic formulas, and head counts
  • Create basic conditional formatting, including:
    • Formatting boxes, formatting fields
  • Add photos to the org chart
  • Create panels, including:
    • Profiles, directories, searching and tree structure
  • Publish the chart
  • View an organisational chart in OrgPlus Reader or the OrgPlus Plug-in
  • Refresh the chart
  • Schedule a data refresh
  • Schedule org chart publishing