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Enterprise workforce modelling and visualisation


  • Org Charts for the whole team

  • Identify HR problems early

  • Build a corporate directory

  • Automatic Updates

Plan & model

  • Plan Mergers or Acquisitions

  • Create Detailed Plans

  • See the effect of each decision

  • Securely share your plans


  • Identify your top performers

  • Protect your key positions

  • Manage career development

  • Share plans to motivate staff

Archive & compare

  • Highlight differences over time

  • Set targets and goals

  • Recover your information

  • View point in time charts

“We were previously using Visio and PDF documents to create Org Charts. Considering the size of our business, the number of changes that occur and the considerable time it took to manually do this - it made sense for us to move to dedicated Org Charting software.”

     Megan Shields, HR Systems, Bank of Queensland

Plan & manage organisational change

Planning@Work is the sophisticated solution for managing organisational change and growth in a highly effective, agile fashion.


  • Aggregate and visualise your HR data in real time
  • Automate org charting
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Access archive reports to ensure compliance
  • Model and transition your workforce to align with strategic objectives
  • Planning@Work benefits

    • Clearly understand your current workforce

    • Model organisational change with user-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality

    • Drive business agility with tools that facilitate easy collaboration

    • Manage transitions quickly and consistently

    • Ensure compliance with a continuous archive of data and changes

    • Build skill, performance, engagement, flight-risk, training & certifications metrics

    • Visualise key performance indicators (KPIs)

    Product features

    • Instant corporate directory

    • Highly customisable administration

    • Conditional formatting for identifying hot spots

    • Cloud hosted

    • Responsive design for mobile access

    • Advanced search functionality

    • 9-box matrix

    • Maintain security with Single Sign On support

    P@W view and chart examples:
    Corporate directoryGeneric
    Compa-ratioLeave liability
    Talent managementPhoto chart
    Length of serviceEmployment type
    Direct subordinatesVacant and orphan position
    Qualification / skill level

    Planning@Work Pricing

    The pricing system is variable based on organisation size. To find out more, book your demo today.