Org Chart Training & Mentoring

Get the most out of your org charting software.

Learn how to build beautiful, practical org charts

Receive expert org chart training and learn how to build better org charts, faster. We'll teach you how to create custom charts for advanced reporting purposes like a pro.

From org-charting beginners to advanced power-users, our trainers have the perfect course for you.

Our training can be delivered onsite, and we will provide you with detailed training notes for future use.

"With a number of change proposals going at any time, there was just no point in doing these things manually." - Andrew Robb, Manager, Occupational Health, Safety & Information at UWS

Train new team members to use your org charting software

Our Org Charting training delivers best-practice tips and techniques that go far beyond what a manual or simple hands-on experience can teach.

Designed for to up to ten people, our on-site training can be scheduled at any time or location that meets your organisation's needs.

Let us guide you through:

  • Chart Creation
  • Re-structuring & Printing
  • Blueprint
  • Succession Planning
  • Archive & Compare

For Planning@Work users, training courses are available for both end-users and administrators.

Talk to a consultant

Upskill through modelling and restructuring mentoring

Org chart mentoring gives you one-on-one access to an org charting expert.

An org charting mentor can teach you how to use advanced features, functions, tools and reports, or even build and deploy org charts to your specifications.

Org chart mentoring delivers a unique combination of both learning and professional services to improve your charts and also teach your users the methods used.

That way, you can create your own internal processes and training courses for future users of your org charting tool.

Flexible Learning Options

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