Streamline your payroll data cleansing project

Use technology to run smooth payroll data cleansing, creating a foundation of data that can be used for workforce management, planning, reporting and strategy.

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Broken data analysis

Access an easy to use report that flags orphans, duplicates & errors

Crowdsourced cleanse

Engage team leaders to keep their data clean


Instant feedback loop

Make data visible across your org so employees can flag errors 

Get more from your HR data

Clean data will restore your teams trust in your source of truth. It provides your organisation with a foundation to quickly and easily generate an automated org chart and HR reports.

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Implementing new systems or migrations

Don’t compromise the effectiveness of your new system! Run a data cleansing project before you migrate over.

With an org charting tool, make general payroll data visible across the entire organisation – allowing team leaders to own the data in their reporting line. This forces better data practices moving forward so you don’t run into the same issue again.


Quickly identify & fix broken reporting lines

Incorrect data can paralyse the value of a HR system beyond simple payroll transactions.

By connecting your HR or payroll system to an org charting tool, run an orphan report that will instantly surface broken data.

Payroll data cleansing

Payroll data cleansing solved

Navigo has 20+ years’ experience running successful payroll data cleansing projects in Australia. Our tools facilitate a quick and seamless project, or if you don’t have the time – we can do it for you.


Access a real-time data cleansing report to action errors


Fix occupancy issues for employees in temporary roles


Create a feedback loop for consistent data review & improvement

Data cleansing support

We have been continuously impressed at how easy it has been to engage with Navigo. Their team went above and beyond to improve the solution’s capabilities and our roadmap.

Adele Nairn, Senior Project Manager

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