Leading succession planning tools to develop your leaders

Identify your high potential performers, engage & plan your future workforce

Succession planning tool
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Identify key positions

Create talent pools for key positions or increase visibility of critical areas of the business

Highlight key talent indicators

Identify potential candidates & compare qualifications with the help of a 9-box grid

Eliminate leadership gaps

Create a pipeline of future leaders, start engaging, training and developing them early

Bring succession plans to life

Succession planning tools, integrated with workforce modelling functionality, accurately organises succession data into a visual plan that you can share.

Allow managers to update their succession plans
Choose successors based on metrics
Calculate & display bench strength
Succession planning tool
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Identify the right talent

Identify successors with 9-box grid based on current performance and potential. Demonstrate clear career paths to keep your well performing employees always motivated.

Control view & edit rights for each department’s plan
Staging area available to build your list of potential successors
Customise readiness metrics relevant to your business

Create multiple plans in minutes

Easily create multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios with potential successors for a position. Visualise your new structure without affecting the original business hierarchy.

Create plans using drag & drop functionality
Conditional formatting to identify gaps & pending retirements
Visually engaging & quick to update
Succession planning tool

Feature favourites

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9 box talent management

Use 9 box to identify top talent for future openings in the organisation

Drag & drop

Seamless planning capabilities

Drag, drop & create multiple scenarios with potential successors

Visualise performance & potential

Easily edit top 3 successors for every position based on their performance

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