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Get more from your HR data with Org Planning.

Need charts you can use – fast? Bring together data from your HR data systems to generate a portfolio of visual charts & reports. Implementation takes a few short weeks, not months.

“We’re no longer spending months building charts The ease of just clicking a button and having an org chart ready to go is definitely our favourite feature.”
Megan Shields, Acting Workforce Planning Lead

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What to expect

After chatting with our Workforce Specialist, you’ll have a complete understanding of how Org Planning can:

Manage restructures

Bring together data from all of your HR systems, visualise the current state of your organisation to review KPI’s of each employee or business unit.

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Visualise your people data

Visualise data to identify potential threats or opportunities. Once established, you can analyse at a glance saving time and resources.
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Manage mergers & acquisitions

Streamline your existing, labour-intensive HR activities by utilising in-built best practice approaches. This also ensures legal compliance.

Org Planning integrates with your HRIS