Advanced org charting, workforce analytics & org design software

For 20+ years, Navigo has provided Australian & New Zealand organisations with live, accurate org charts with cutting-edge workforce analytics & org design capability.

Advanced org charting, org design & workforce analytics software

For 20+ years, Navigo has provided Australian & New Zealand organisations with live, accurate org charts with cutting-edge workforce analytics & org design capability.


We’ve worked with 500+ teams to deliver successful workforce transformations.

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Manual workforce management

Manually managing org charts?

Using Microsoft Office or basic org charting tools to manage your workforce? There is a better way!

Our solutions are built on your HR data models to deliver powerful org charts, workforce modelling and analytics, no matter how complex your data or tech stack.

Feed HR data direct from any source into one platform, so you can generate a line up of useful charts in a few simple clicks.

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“Navigo charts are easy-to-use and have ‘wowed’ our entire team. We love the interactive visualisation rules that highlight any KPIs that aren’t being met, helping prompt quick action.”

Maria Soo, Acting Workforce Planning Lead

Become a data-driven organisation

According to the HR Systems Survey, only 11% of organisations are confident that their HR analytics and planning solutions are meeting their business needs.

Respondents said that the top issue is the lack of customisation or configuration, followed by a lack of reporting capabilities.

Navigo’s workforce analytics solution is the most customisable in the market. Our highly experienced team can help you turn your list of spreadsheets into automated reports and dashboards with benchmarks – making them easy to understand and action.

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Flip the odds for a successful org design

Research from BCG found that 90% of managers had recently been through a restructure. Yet, less than half considered it a success.

There’s a few ways you can improve the odds. One proven strategy is to use a visual tool to design, test and rollout your workforce change. How does it help? By allowing you to:

    • Cut the time it takes to create multiple structures, so you can collaborate on projects securely & streamline approvals
    • Measure all changes against your ‘current state’ so you can better understand the financial & workforce impacts
    • Always work with up-to-date data with a daily refresh

How do we enable people teams?

We help you do your job better, so you can improve efficiency & ‘wow’ your stakeholders

Get real-time, ongoing workforce insights, so you always have your finger on the pulse

Improve data sharing & governance practices within your organisation

Partner with a team that has a proven track record of delivering successful projects (on time)

What solutions does Navigo offer?

Visualise your workforce using simple, yet powerful interactive org charts.

Org Charting

Get in-depth & actionable workforce insights using real-time reports.

Workforce Analytics

Dynamic workforce modelling to design & test sustainable structures.

Org Design

How much can I save creating, updating & distributing org charts using Navigo’s tools?

This example is based on a recent business case created by a university in Australia with 2,500 employees.

Want to do the math for your organisation? Download our free cost saving calculator.

$ saved per year

Hours saved annually with self-serve HR data

Hours saved per year automating chart admin

Hours saved per year by automating reporting

Discover how Navigo can elevate the way you work

See how we’ve helped other organisations transform the way they manage and analyse their workforce.

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