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orginio has been a very useful tool for our org! The interface is great and easy to view and customise.
Alex B, People Technology & Operations Manager
5 stars

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What can I do with orginio?

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Automate painful admin

No more manual changes, access charts that update based on HR data from your source of truth.

Master your HR data

Upload HR data for an instant org chart. Schedule a recurring data refresh & customise chart look & feel.

Workforce analysis, at a glance

Accurately represent ‘real word’ complex hierarchies. Bring actionable insights to the surface, without Excel.

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Works with your tech stack
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Frequently asked questions


How long is the free trial?

Your free orginio trial lasts for 14 days. Enjoy!

Are there any limitations during the free trial period?
The trial has all the features of the orginio complete plan. See the full feature list of the advanced plan here.

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