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Easy to use and learn… it’s a fantastic tool
Amanda Fimister, WA Health

OrgPlus Charts

What can I do with OrgPlus?

Workforce analysis, at a glance

Quickly identify skill gaps, budget issues, leave liability, diversity imbalance & dirty data

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Automate painful admin

With charts that update based on HR data from your source of truth

Create HR reports

That bring actionable insights to the surface, without Excel


Integrate with any payroll system

Create a complete picture of your organisation


Frequently asked questions

How long is the free trial?
Your OrgPlus Desktop free trial lasts for 14 days. Enjoy!
Are there any limitations during the free trial period?
The evaluation version has all the features of the full version of OrgPlus Premium, with the following exception:
  • Print and save charts with up to 500 boxes
  • Printouts will include the watermark ‘Evaluation Copy’

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