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Powerful org charts & HR dashboards

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Customised Charts

Quickly convert employee data into visually stunning org charts using a single source of truth

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Effortless Restructures

Easily remodel your workforce using live employee data, with intuitive  
drag & drop

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Meaningful Reporting

Use secure charts & dashboards to track KPIs, headcount & budgets, encouraging data driven decisions

Data cleanse

Cleansed Data

Our tech consultants are experts in HRIS data cleansing & will fix your data as part of our implementation

Compatible with all HRIS


See & shape your organisation

- Automatically create org charts using live HR data

- Display employee data, department, analytics & more

- Highlight budget, leave, gender, & vacancies

- Use Active Directory SSO to securely share data

Plan & design restructures

- Powerful restructure sandbox environment

- Easily design your workforce using drag-and-drop

- Track changes to form a complete audit trail

- Effortless collaboration workflow

org.manager dashboards

Insights at a glance

- Management dashboards summarising key metrics

- Quickly drill down through your organisation

- Fully customisable

Dynamic reporting

- See your whole organisation with one chart

- Dive into the specifics of your workforce hierarchy

- Highlight problem areas

org.manager implementation

Smooth & fast go lives

- Managed by highly experienced tech consultants

- Customised rollout specific to your requirements

- Fast implementation with minimal resources required

- Our consultants go above and beyond for your project


Tech specs

org.manager is available on-premise and cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure's iRAP certified infrastructure.

- Role based security and single sign on (SSO)

- Connects to your HRIS for a single source of truth

- Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices

org.manager pricing

The pricing system is variable based on organisation size. To find out more, book a demo today.

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