Workforce analytics software for data-driven decisions

Understand how your workforce operates, how much it’s costing you and how it’s changing over time.

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The HR dashboard for all important KPIs 

Everything you need to know about your workforce in one place. The HR dashboard provides a roll up summary of meaningful workforce analytics, at the company , department and individual level.

Consolidate your list of workforce spreadsheets into one real-time dashboard, allowing your leaders to understand to understand how you measure up against your KPI goals.

HR Dashboard

Track workforce trends over time

The workforce trends dashboard continuously monitors workforce patterns, including past, present and future metrics.

Understand at a glance how your workforce is changing month to month, plus it helps you to see if you’re on track to achieve your strategic objectives.

Workforce Trends

Why do you need access to real-time workforce analytics?

Unlock insights from the data you already have in live, interactive HR reports & dashboards
Visualisation rules & calculations allow you to analyse your data at a glance, using a strategic lens
Automated reports allows you to eliminate spreadsheets so you can focus on value adding tasks
Quickly drill up & down multiple layers of workforce analytics in a few simple clicks

Workforce compliance summary dashboard

Access a real-time visual report that ensure you’re up-to-date with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Create visibility over compliance requirements (whether it be checks, training, certifications or vaccinations). By surfacing anything that is non-compliant, issues are much more likely to get resolved quickly.

Workforce Compliance Dashboard
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“Navigo have helped us to be proactive with providing different charts for the business, before the business knew they wanted it. Their HR reporting software has made the business more independent and less reliant on HR for providing ad hoc reports.”

Colleen Farrell, HR Systems Analyst

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