Org charting software, like you’ve never seen before

Visualise your workforce using simple, yet powerful interactive org charts.

Org Charting

Workforce Analytics

Org Design

Visualise your organisation in a hierarchal chart

See who’s who in a state-of-the-art hierarchical chart that can visualise any reporting line, no matter how complex.

Automate your org charting process by linking live data from any source, leaving you with powerful workforce visuals that are always up to date.

Hierarchy - Acting Selected

Stay connected with an employee directory

Quickly find any employee or position with quick and advanced search functionality.

Build detailed lists based on any data field including location, skills, certifications, status or pretty much any data point you track.

Employee Directory - basic search

Why do you need integrated, live org charts?

Access an always up-to-date, self serve org chart so everyone can see who’s who

Integrate all your important people data into one tool, creating a single source of truth

Analyse your workforce using a strategic lens & securely share each view with others

Get better visibility into the skills & availability of employees across your teams

Surface dirty data with automated data cleansing reports

Access a data cleansing report that shows errors in your hierarchy for a fast and easy fix. Identify all long term vacancies to ensure that you only have current positions in your payroll system.

Provide employees and managers visibility over their data to create an initial and ongoing data cleansing loop, this helps achieve consistency in high data quality.

Data cleansing - Hygiene

Workforce reporting to better understand your people

Track in real-time how your workforce operates, the status of all your employees and how it’s changing over time.

Quickly drill up and down multiple layers of your organisation and access metrics that will help you make more informed decisions.

workforce reporting

Manage liability with self-serve access to leave

Provide managers and employees with self-serve access to leave balance. Use conditional formatting to easily identify and action leave liability.

The chart example below shows you which departments have employees with excess or negative leave.

Leave management

Intelligent budget and salary management

Having a budget report is crucial for hiring, promoting or reviewing salaries of employees. Visualising your budget can take the pain out of reporting and analysis across different departments.

See the budget and salary details across all teams and use conditional formatting to highlight deficits or surpluses.

Budget Management

Keep on top of staffing with a vacancy report

See all your total vacancies, current and aging open positions and critical role vacancies in one easy-to-understand report.

Toggle between the chart and sunburst view to see a macro and micro view of vacancies and get a quick summary of your roll up metrics in the left detail panel.

Vacancy reporting

Improve workplace diversity and inclusion

See the gender, age and length of service diversity balance at the organisational, department or team level.

Highlight whether you’re meeting your diversity ratios across your organisation. Now that gender is a mandatory reporting requirement in Australia, these charts will help you with your recruitment and culture strategy.

Diversity - Gender

Create better alignment by assessing your job families 

Analyse attributes outside of your traditional hierarchy such as responsibility, mobility and skills. Easily identify similar activities and dependencies across job families.

This view will enable you to gain better clarity over your organisational structure, allocate resources more effectively and support career development within your organisation.

Job families chart

Visually engaging succession plans

Manage succession, mobility and career development for any individual or role within the organisation.

Gain insights into your workforce and ensure talent continuity by enhancing people’s profiles with performance, certifications, readiness for future positions and manager’s input regarding the next career step.

Company succession planning
Bank of Queensland

“We’re no longer spending months building charts. The ease of just clicking a button and having an org chart ready to go is definitely our favourite feature.”

Megan Shields, Acting Workforce Planning Lead

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