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Break free from restrictive all-in-one HR platforms & integrate instead!

Design your ultimate ecosystem

Integrating org charts with your HRIS or Payroll System helps to improve HR data integrity and HR reporting processes. By connecting your systems, you will be able to generate an up-to-date org chart in just a few clicks. Integrating also provides secure permission-based access to sensitive data - creating better governance around data management.

SAP integration
Chris21 Integration
SuccessFactors integration
Oracle integration
Ascender integration
Aurion integration
Civica integration
TechnologyOne integration


Create a single source of truth

Integrations keep your org charts always up to date. Feed multiple data sources (e.g. excel, CSV, chris21, etc) to build a single, complete picture of your organisation.
Effortlessly navigate through every level of your workforce, gain quick access to a high-level summary of all associated HR metrics.

Can't find the integration you need?

No worries! We can create a customised integration for any HRIS. Connect your payroll system to your org charts as you need it with our in-house adapters.

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