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25th Annual HR Systems Survey

After 10 years of delivering the Australian HR Tech Report, we’ve teamed up with Sapient Insights Group to improve research in the APAC region.

This survey provides insights and practical information to help you refine your HR tech roadmap.

The latest edition of this annual survey will be available later this year. Stay tuned!

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Tech survey
7th Australian HR Tech Survey

The 2019 survey includes a widespread study, taking the pulse of Australian HR tech and trends across local organisations, small and large.

The 7th edition has seen a focus on Cloud adoption, strategies, spending and preferences relating to all-in-one vs. best of breed solutions.

Previous HR Tech Surveys

Tech survey

6th Australian HR Tech Survey


The 2018 survey focuses on how organisations are navigating their way through a complex HR technology landscape. Some focal points from the 6th edition include on-premise to SaaS migration and a growing importance on HR data security.


Tech survey

5th Annual HR Tech Report


This report, published in 2015, gained insights about the management of HR systems and HR system usage rates. More specifically the focus was on satisfaction levels, HR solution popularity, HR budget expenditure and new technologies.


Tech survey

4th Annual HR Tech Report


This report, published in 2014, examined the local HR Technology landscape and specifically focused on vendors/solutions used, satisfaction, expenditure and future trends including new technology.


Tech survey

3rd Annual HR Tech Report


This report, published in 2012, looked at overall trends including HR technology staffing, process and technology adoption, with a focus on the most popular HRIS systems for that year.


Tech survey

2nd Annual HR Tech Report


This report, published in 2011, looked at the reach of different types of HR systems and how well they are meeting the goals of the human resource departments around Australia and New Zealand.


Tech survey

The Navigo HR Tech Report


This is the first HR Tech Report published by Navigo in 2010. It demonstrated how motivators and road blocks to HR technology are influencing HR teams Australia-wide.


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