Organisation design software for seamless modelling

Take a snapshot of your workforce. Easily design new structures. See the impacts in real time.

Org Charting

Workforce Analytics

Org Design

Sophisticated workforce modelling

Our organisation design software allows you to take multiple snapshots of your existing structure so you can model any workforce change in a sandbox environment. Your key metrics will update in real-time with every change you make.  

Use a side-by-side chart view to see multiple departments or different organisations at once. Drag-and-drop objects from one screen to another, or quickly switch between perspectives to make more informed decisions (including job family, establishment or employee views).

 Drag-and-drop any object without affecting your source of truth data
Quickly navigate through your org chart & drill down into detail
Easily share & collaborate on models with your team

Workforce Modelling

Modelling impact dashboard

See a high-level view of showing the impact of your org design, at both the company wide or department perspective. This org design dashboard can be integrated with your source of truth, so the data can be automatically refreshed to keep up with the current state principle.

Easily compare the current vs proposed structure, with key metrics dynamically updating with each change. This dashboard allows you to better understand how your org design measures up against your organisational goals. 

Modelling Impact Dashboard

Why is it important to use a tool for org design?

Play in an environment where you can easily identify gaps & can optimise your structure

Simulate scenarios, like mergers or downsizing, to test outcomes before making decisions

Assess the real-time impacts of each change (against budgets & KPIs) as you go

Ensure your design aligns with strategic objectives before making any big moves

Agile team structures

Create alternative structures to see a cross functional view of your organisation.

By accessing a new way of looking at your workforce, you can effectively organise your diverse skills and resources around a common goal. This helps to create better autonomy across teams, improving creativity and problem solving.

Agile team structures

Conduct mass updates to model future scenarios

Test out the cost impact of any company wide change by conducting a bulk update of any position or employee data point. See the impacts to organisational metrics in real time.

This functionality helps you prepare for any upcoming large scale initiative, such as salary increases, EBA changes, long service / retirement pay-outs or downsizing / acquisition analysis.

Future Scenario Planning
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“Modelling workforce scenarios using organisation design software has enabled restructure proposals to be more professional and accurate. This has resulted in the approval process and administering the changes to be substantially more efficient.”

Colleen Farrell, HR Systems Analyst

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