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Org design use cases

Track employee compensation and department budgets using conditional highlights [1:38]

Transform your workforce data with intelligent and interactive dashboards [1:22]

How to quickly access workforce information to better understand your organisation [1:52]

Understand how to set up a coherent org design in 5 simple steps [3:40]

Discover the 8 building blocks of creating the perfect organisation design [1:34]

How Navigo solved org design challenges for two Australian organisations [9:21]

4 questions to consider when selecting your ‘best-fit’ org design [1:17]

The 6 most important factors of a successful org design [6:46]

How to create a successful OD business case: 4 key elements [8:06]

See org.manager in action

Forget about getting lost in spreadsheets or dealing with the headache of drawing org charts manually.

org.manager automates a long list of HR pain with advanced org charts, real-time reporting and dynamic workforce modelling.

Dive into our short videos to see examples of how powerful this platform really is, including how to:

  • Merge data from multiple payroll systems & databases
  • Keep tabs on budgets & examinine span of control
  • Effectively design & track workforce change

So, what are you waiting for? Hit play, and let’s make your next org design project the easiest one yet!

Free resources

Featured articles

Org design business case & stakeholder buy-in: Learn 3 key factors affecting org design and 8 elements to include in a winning org design business case.

The #1 org design dashboard:
Visualise a comparison between ‘current’ vs ‘future state’ impacts of your org design in a dashboard.

Featured on-demand webinars

Learn why restructures fail and uncover the 6 factors critical to a successful restructure.

Discover how to model your organisation with org.manager for SuccessFactors.

Learn the importance of having accurate data to run regular org change projects.

Uncover the 6 factors of successful org design & how to write a winning business case.

See how a 40,000 employee government department visualised their org charts.

Understand the characteristics and role of strategic & operational intent in org design.

Learn the design, test & recommend stages of an org design project.

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